Monday, October 4, 2010

Tatted Up: Dereon Temporary Tattoos

For those of you who love the look but can’t handle the pain or the permanence of real tattos, the Knowles women have just the solution for you. Taking their cues from fashion powerhouse Chanel, who debuted its own line of temporary tattoos this past March, these fashionable Knowles ladies have decided to bring their version of body art to the masses. The Dereon brand has partnered with the industry’s go-to airbrush makeup company, Temptu, for a limited edition collection of temporary tattoos due out this November. Now you too can recreate the edgy “Biker Girls” look that Bey donned in the Fall/Winter 2010 Dereon print ad above, or rock it your own way. Below, beauty correspondent Jasmine gives her thoughts on the new product line...

 Jasmine Says: I think it’s a great idea on the part of Dereon, given the success of Chanel’s version which I’ve seen on almost every blog and photographed in almost every mag.  It’ll bring a new audience to the brand as well because I personally never venture to the website or the section in the store that houses the Dereon label, but I do love a good accessory (particularly a glammed out, edgy tat).  And these temptats seem low-fuss and almost no hassle, but add that extra touch just like my nail stickers from OPI that I blogged about before..

For those of you who want to hop on the temptat trend here’s the rundown on the temporary tattoo kits:

- Basic kit comes with 8 tats and application aids, deluxe kit is only sold online and comes with a signed photo of Bey and a chance to win a trip to NYC!
- Designs include the brand's signature fleur de lis, rocker bolts, chains, jewels and spider designs and last up to 5 days.
- Basic kit is slated to sell in-store at Sephora and online at Dereon.com and Temptu.com

Itching to get your hands on a kit? Go to the Dereon website and reserve your order now.  http://dereon.temptu.com/waitlist.php
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