Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fashion Countdown: GLAMOUR Women of the Year

 Wow, I haven't done one of these in a while! I'm back at it ladies and gents. After seeing some of the  red carpet pics from GLAMOUR's 2010 Women of the Year Awards in NYC last night, I had to pose the infamous question to you all - FIERCE or FOOLISH? You decide...

1. Janet Jackson - FIERCE

I thought Janet Jackson looked stunning in her all black ensemble. She's donning a simple black gown but the side buckles and the luxe fur add just a hint of edge and extra glamour (no pun intended) to the ensemble...

2. Janelle Monae - FIERCE

Also in all-black-everything was Janelle Monae, songstress and quite possibly my favorite celeb (peep this pic of me kickin' it with Jane earlier this year). She looked absolutely stunning in a black, cape, silk shirt and stilettos. Not only is it refreshing to see Ms. Monae sans the tuxedo, but she actually makes me want to own a cape!
And let's not even talk about how gorgeous she is. That pink pout is TO DIE!

3. Beverly Johnson - FOOLISH

Something about this look just doesn't sit quite right with me. Maybe it's the unexpected leopard in weird places or the misplacement of her accessories? I just think it's too much. If the sleeves were all black and she lost the Lucite bangles, this would be a win for me...

4. Lisa Leslie - FIERCE

Breaking up the all-black-everything mold, Lisa Leslie looks stunning in this bright blue gown. The one-shoulder shape really gives her athletic figure some curve and the bright color looks absolutely brilliant next to her skin tone. This look is pure perfection - from attire down to her hair and makeup.

5. Debra Lee - Foolish

Now don't get me wrong, I think Debra Lee is a smart businesswoman. Given I've worked for BET in the past, I know how much hard work goes into running a company like it. However, I do not condone the use of fabrics and silhouettes being demonstrated in front of your eyes right here. So I know we've thrown out the notion that white after Labor Day is a faux pas, so I'll give her that. But this dress, with those embellishments? Not a win. The black sequins embellishments up top look like patchwork that was blindly thrown onto the dress in the form of a quilt, no?

6. Estelle - FIERCE

This look is so elegant and classy on Estelle. The slit makes it sexy but not too revealing. And can we talk about those navy blue sequined heels? Gorge!

What's your verdict? Fierce or Foolish? Soundoff below!
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  1. Totally agree about Janelle Monae and Estelle - I'd love to have Janelle's fuchsia lipstick and Estelle's sequined heels!

  2. poor Debra, she is always obstructing our optical freedom. JM's pink lip is every bit of RIGHT!!

  3. Estelle is my favorite hands down. From her smile to her shoes, she looks absolutely spectacular!

  4. Loving those pics of Janelle Monae and those stilettos are killa :) xoxo


  5. I absolutely love Janelles look right here. She looks amazing! She always does :)

  6. i agree, janet looks amazing! i have always loved her :)
    thanks for your comment on my blog! :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  7. I think there's nothing better than understatement with a touch of flair for red carpet wear, and all of your fierce picks totally embody that! What drop-dead gorgeous women :)


  8. i agree with you on all and Donatella Versace looks BEYOND foolish...*cringe*

    addded you on my blog roll

    pay BLEURGH a visit, comment, follow and to make my birthday...add me on your blogroll too :)


  9. Debbie is always putting on a show. and Bev...well thats her thing but

  10. Janelle Monae is DEF my favorite in these pictures, she looks absolutely STUNNING!!! Estelle looks great as well. Excellent post! :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog