Friday, November 26, 2010

Giveaway: ShopSwagg NYC

Every true fashionista has it. And if they don't have it, they need it. Shop Swagg. You know, shopping savvy that has accumulated over years and years of shopping highs and lows, perpetual bliss, buyer's remorse and everything in between? Well in honor of the biggest shopping day of the year, I'd like to bestow a few of my Shop Swagg tips AND offer one lucky lovely in the NYC area a chance to experience an amazing and exclusive shopping event on December 1st. Black Friday can be overwhelming. Here are my Top Three Shop Swagg tips to get the best out of this inaugural kickoff to holiday shopping...

1. Be prepared: Come in with a plan of attack. No need to wait on long lines starting at 4am and then rish the front door of the store with absolutely no clue what you want/need. Someone will step on your toes and buy all the ointment you need to rub on them (if, of course, it's on sale). So plan ahead! Do your research about what deals there are and plan to hit up those stores based on what you really need...

2. Stick to your budget: Take a second and glance above at my last sentence. It ends in "based on what you really need". While everything in the Black Friday circular might seem like something that's too good to pass up. You will have to. Unless your name ends in Hilton, chances are you can't afford everything in the circular. So shop smart and create a budget for yourself. Your wallet will thank you the next morning.

3. If it don't fit, you must acquit (well...just quit). I think this rule is pretty much standard all year round. I know you think those "perfect" pants don't fit because of all that turkey and stuffing you ate at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. However, if they don't fit right today, there's a good chance they just won't fit you. The holiday season is a dangerous time to shop for 'true to size' options. I end up gaining so many pounds between Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas parties and baked gifts from Granny, that I don't plop back to my true size until somewhere around January. And by that time, your "perfect" pants will probably be on clearance!

Ok on to the fun stuff. You're invited to ShopSwagg; an intimate fashion & beauty shopping event at one of New York City's most trendiest and upscale spots...

One lucky reader will win a ticket to the above event completely gratis compliments of ShopSwaggNYC:


1)You must be following me on BLOGLOVIN' OR Google Reader (both links are on the right hand navigation)
2) You must be able to claim your ticket in NYC on the night of the event.
3) Leave a comment below! 

P.S. Special thanks to those of you who commented on the Lottery Ticket giveaway. Unfortunately it was canceled, so to make up for it, those who commented before November 24th at 12am will be eligible for two entries in the next DVD giveaway taking place on December 1st! (Hint: It involves Gossip Girl)
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  1. Woohoo! There's nothing better than shopping and nyc. Love it!
    I might be shopping for the past few years but unfortunately my shopping sense seems to flee whenever beautiful shoes and clothes enter the equation. Thanks for the reminder:-)

  2. Sounds like fun and I'd love to be apart of it!!!!

    My shopping sense is on point... Maybe too on point lolz I cant put the bank card down to save my life!!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  3. People call me a shop addict but I do not do it because I am covering up who I am. In fact I see my body as a canvas and I actually get excited about the aesthetics of the pieces whether its leather, sequins or ruffles.

  4. ^ I am a follower under the name Lish for this blog