Monday, November 29, 2010

Ten Before 2010

So normally around mid December, the blogosphere is chock full of editorial posts about Top (Insert # Here) Countdowns of the Year and Top (Insert # Here) Resolutions of the year and all that jazz. Well, this year I decided to be a step ahead of the game and announce my resolutions before the New Year. Well, they're not quite my resolutions because I'm resolving not to have resolutions this year. More on that in another post.

From Tough Love, October 2010
Rather, they're my style resolutions. But not for 2011. Just for...life. Going forward I resolve to take more fashion risks and take full advantage of my closet. Here are Ten Looks I'd like to try Before 2010 is over and gone. Can't say I will but, a girl can dream...

1. Sheer Chic á la ProFreshStyle

I have about 2 sheer boyfriend-length tops in my closet that I have yet to accessorize up. If only I could be as bold as Christina and rock it Dorothy Dandridge style complete with wide-brimmed hat...

2. Camo Cool á la AllthePrettyBirds

Circle skirts are all the rage this season. Once I get my hands on one, I'd love to tough it up military-style the way this lovely lady did.

3. Maxi Fresh á la SongofStyle

Ah, the quintessential maxi skirt of the season. I have yet to venture into this realm of my closet. My maxi skirt awaits. I think I'll fare well with a leather and a great printed top like this one.

4. Cropped Khakis á la TheHautePursuit

I've never really been a huge fan of Khakis. They remind me of manual labor and/or late 90's Gap commercials. But grabbing a pair in an updated silhouette like this one could work. It always boils down to the silhouette. 

5. Shearling Sweetie á la ParisMostWanted

Making a white lace frock look winter-appropriate is an ever daunting task. She manages to do it with the proper layering techniques. Doesn't she look warm, fuzzy and fierce, even with no pants? Loves it.

 6. Accessories Addict á la SeaOfShoes

I resolve to live by the mantra "There is no such thing as too many accessories". Layer on jewel after jewel. I mean I haven't played dress up in my own jewelry box in a while. Now is the time.

7. Plaid Playshorts á la CultureCynic

I've been seeing it for a few seasons now. You know, shorts for winter? Call me old fashioned but I haven't wrapped my head around how a curvy girl with thunder thighs like mine can pull this look off. Nevertheless, plaid makes an even bolder statement, especially when appropriately accessorized with complimentary pieces like the ones seen here.

8. Oversized Everything á la ChicMuse

This is another concept I have yet to master given my curves. ChicMuse truly gives meaning to the word chic by pairing this slouchy look with pinned up hair and super high platforms.

9. All-Season Shoes á la ClothesAreCute

I'm loving the way she re-worked the same Jeffrey Campbell Clinics I'm wearing in the first picture above and made them winter-appropriate in a trendy way with knee-highs. Something I need to try.

10. Tee Time á la InnyVinny

I have a love/hate relationship with graphic tees. As in, love 'em on other people/hate 'em on myself. But this look gives me something to try. Love a turban, love a good tee. Add a drop of fly with the bold lip and shades, and you've got the perfect recipe.

That's it for my style resolutions! What are yours?
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  1. Awesome list! I've been thinking about my fashion resolutions for next year kinda early too so I'm glad I'm not alone! Out of this list, I'm definitely feeling the maxi skirt and the camo jacket. I totally understand how you feel on the oversized clothing trend. Being a curvy girl myself there is a thin line between fab and tent material when it comes that!

    Good luck on your style resolutions!

  2. You are so sweet Christina! Thanks for including me on your top style risks for 2011! You are one hot mama so I look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2011! :)


  3. All of these ladies are amazingly stylish! Love that you're doing style resolutions and daring to take more risks. Kudos!

  4. Love it! I def need to do this. I talk a good game but my boyfriend clearly calls me homey Helen for not taking enought fashion risks!

  5. It's so cool to be included, thanks so much!

  6. Thanks for the inclusion...and you are posting turban pics, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?! =P

  7. I will definately be reworking my clinics for the fall/winter that was my intention when i bought them in May lol

    I love shorts for winter but again the thunder thighs are holding me back...must find some well-intentioned shorts for the winter but on these thighs they have to be BLACK lol

  8. wow this post is amazing! really great idea...i think i need to make a few fashion resolutions myself. i totally agree on all the items you listed as well..i'm not much of a graphic tee person myself either, although i do love them on other people.
    we'll see how many of these i can think of for myself! thanks for sharing!

    Fashion Bag 411

  9. Fantastic entry! That's a great "resolution" :)

  10. great post!!! I definietly wanted to try the shorts and thigh high boots look!

  11. Great choices! I really like the socks+clinics too. That'll be an easy and fun one to do!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  12. hey its real_girl_fashion from lovelyish. Great blog you have here! I'll be following :)