Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fierce or Foolish: Solange at Cecconi's Restaurant in L.A

 So you may have noticed I have an undeniable obsession with Solange lately. My last Fierce or Foolish highlighted the songstress rocking a leopard & leather look. Well, there's a reason for the obsession. We're hair twins! I announced on Twitter a few days ago that I've officially chopped off my long locks and I'm now rocking a short curly head of hair a la Solange. No worries, pics coming soon!

In the meantime, can I say how much I adore this mustard silk dress and her perfectly contrasted accessories?? Loving the velvet shoes and her statement necklace. And the fuchsia lip is perfect! What do you guys think of the look? Fierce or Foolish?

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  1. well, I could never wear that, but on her it looks Great!

  2. I really like the dress, I think it looked amazing on her. But not a big fan o the heels, and I really dont like the color of her lips! Something much more simple and something that stands out less would look better in my opinion :)

  3. Love her dress and makeup, beautiful lip color! By the way welcome to the natural side. Don't know how I missed it on twitter but can't wait to see pics!

  4. FIERCE! I love the way she styled this. The necklace is brilliant with it, too.

    Cannot wait to see your hair!

    ♥ V
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  5. I've never been a fan of velvet...my mother use to make we wear this velvet turtle neck when i was younger...i hated it. the shoes are cute though, and i like the outfit overall.

  6. i have to agree with you the whole outfit is fierce, however i'm not really liking the lipstick all that much. other than that she's on point.
    i can't wait to see your hair.

    xoxo Anna


  7. Fierce, I like the necklace with with the yellow and purple. Although I like the purple and yellow togeather I don't like the velvet shoe.

  8. Loove the hair...i kinda got my own lil rocker hair on too. Her whole entire look is daarling to me.

  9. Hmmmmm I can't say that I die over the make up. : / There's something a little off to me. Too tan for fall? Dark and dark lip combo?? I can't quite put my finger on it but I feel like there's something holding this ensemble back from being stellar.

    Gorgeous woman nonetheless.

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  10. Call me wierd, I like velvet. *hides in shame* lolz. I like her satin-finish lip color and its perfectly matched heels. Great pairing it with such a rich yellow. Fierce...

  11. I like the mustard colored dress, and congrats to you for taking to the scissors.

  12. I think the velvet heels are awesome with that dress! They're so electric together. Solange has awesome style, I can see why you're obsessed. I think a slightly more natural lip would be cool, but I think what she has on is unique and that's worth a lot in and of itself!

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  13. Absolutely FIERCE! The dress looks like liquid gold on her.


  14. I like her look - it's very rocker chic.

  15. I think it's cute...i love the color contrast of the bright yellow and purple shoes. I'm a sucker for yellow anyway... can't wait to see the new hair!! I'm sure it looks great though