Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jennifer Hudson: PEOPLE Most Beautiful List 2011

Super-star actress and songstress Jennifer Hudson has officially made People's "Most Beautiful" List for 2011. What an honor! While I'm super excited and proud, considering Ms. Hudson was the only African-American diva to make the list, it also saddens me that it took her dropping down to a size 4 to be recognized as being "Most Beautiful". Hasn't she been fab all along? According to People Magazine,

"Now that she's in the 'best shape of my life,' the size 4 Weight Watchers spokesmodel and busy mom (to 20-month-old David) is working on getting her beauty rest. 'Between working and keeping up with my son, I can't say that I get too much sleep,' says Hudson. 'One of the greatest luxuries I am afforded is a solid eight hours every once in a while!'"

 I didn't event realize she was a size 4! People's "Most Beautiful" issue hits newsstands this Friday.

What's your verdict? Soundoff below!
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  1. She looks amazing! She's very beautiful! I love her hair!

  2. I've always been a fan of Jennifer Hudson and always thought she was fab! It's about time the rest of the world figured it out :)

  3. She's always been cute to me, but let's be real, how many huge white stars have they named to the people's most beautiful list? hollywood likes slim and trim women, exceptions aren't going to be made all of the time except for novelty reasons.

  4. I'm glad she feels healthy but I also think it's a shame that she wasn't deemed 'beautiful" until she lost weight. Lots of larger Caucasian women end up on these lists - Christina Hendricks (who I don't think is plus size at size 12 but they always say she is) and Emme who is definitely plus size have both been on the People list. I don't keep up with it that closely but I suspect there are more. The standards for women of color are so narrow........

  5. she is gorgeous! Thank you so much for your comment and congrats on links a la mode! Yes please let me know when you do your scarf post! I would love to see it!

  6. i think the mentality that you have to 'thin' to be beautiful is ruining the very fabric of our society. she looks amazing, yes. but she doesnt have to be size 4 to be beautiful and the fact that she talks about being plus-sized as though its a curse is disgusting. she should know better.