Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jennifer Hudson Reveals Hollywood Discrimination

 So I don't normally report gossip/news but I thought this recent story via Necole Bitchie was pertinent enough to share with you all. I also thought it was the perfect follow-up to my January post "The Great Debate: Do Skinny Girls Have More Fun" about Amber Riley and Hollywood's standards for body image. It appears we as outsiders aren't the only ones who notice that discrimination happens against plus-sized divas in the industry. Jennifer Hudson told Grazia Magazine:
“Last week I saw some footage of myself as I was five years ago and I was surprised. It was like I recognized myself but I didn’t. It seemed another world away. But in this slim world I do now realize I was being discriminated against. I’m offered more parts. There is much more excitement about me now.”
She also spoke to AOL stating:

People Magazine, April 2011
"...everything is worlds-apart different and it’s like being introduced to a whole new world in every single way you can imagine. What I mean is from being on the other side as a plus-size girl versus now you would never know what you’re being discriminated against until you cross to the other side. So now being on this side — people are different. There’s a whole lot more opportunities, people are more friendly."

What do you guys think about J.Hud's commentary? Furthermore, should she be proud that the media is treating her differently or disappointed? (Read the full article at Necole Bitchie)

 Personally, I would feel some kinda way if I knew the people around me were treating me better because of my shape and not my talents. What's your take?

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  1. Can i say this, someone posted this yesterday and i was so shocked at the amount of plus sized women saying " i don't know her anymore since she lost weight" or "i'm a bigger woman and she let me down by losing weight" Or I hope she doesnt become sick from losing all this weight" I was bothered, because at a 16 I have a host of health issues and i actually started my first day of weight watchers today. I am tired of being sick. I'm 25 and i'm just a mess. It's not about "keeping our curves because thats what men like" its about being healthy at this point. She is losing, but i don't think she is going to become obsessed, she said it herself she has a son to live for, and be around for.

    I do agree that since she lost weight she has been out there a ton. More then when she had the tragedy , but people do respect thinner in my thoughts. It shows that you care, there are a ton of negative things associated with being overweight, especially when you know your health is at risk and do nothing to change it. I personally wouldn't be upset but i think that she is good to know what happens in the industry, but of course the fact that she did something drastic is going to get her attention now. especially with it dealing with health when so many Americans are overweight I'm one of them...

  2. of course hollywood discriminates based on weight, are people still surprised? The leading ladies are generally NOT larger than a size 6 or so, baffling that people are shocked about something that's been happening since the dawn of cinema. People in "normal" life have said that things change majorly when they lose weight, it certainly comes as no surprise that career changes/opportunities would occur when slimmer in a field that is based very LARGELY (no pun intended lol) on weight and appearance.

  3. I'm all for healthy. As long as she doesn't do anything to jeopardize her life I'm good. It is sad but not new news that smaller girls get more attention personally as a slim chick I don't find it always positive. I have hips (thanks mom) but I'm skinny. Any slight change in my weight & everyone freaks out. Uuggghhh! What it comes down to is comfort, acceptance and a healthy self.

  4. People need to stop living vicariously through these celebrities, period. They are human just as we are, they make decisions just as we do, and for their own reasons. 98% of those folks never "knew" J.Hud anyway, and it bothers me that people say things like that, or feel that way. To me, that's an even bigger problem (no pun intended) than the fact that she has lost weight and is being treated differently because of it. Now, on the actual subject of losing weight and garnering more attention... obviously this would be the case, as it has always been. Smaller is seen as more desirable and healthier than being morbidly obese. If you love being fat, big, obese, chubby...whatever handle you decide to throw on it, that's fine. But we need to stop judging these celebrities and basing our thoughts and feelings on what they do and don't do. Yes, look to them for inspiration, or move on to the next if they do something that you don't agree with.

  5. While weight may be a part of it, I don't think it explains everything. For example, when she was "plus-size," Jennifer won an Academy Award, and after she won, I'm sure lots of opportunities came her way. Hypothetically, say Jennifer didn't play her Dreamgirls role. She's just another American Idol contest struggling in her post-idol career. But she loses a ton of weight. Would she be given the same opportunities because she's thin? I don't think so. It's great that Jennifer feels more confident about herself in her new body, but I don't think she's giving herself enough credit. She has more opportunities because she's talented and showcased that to everyone via Dreamgirls.