Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ten Days In Ecuador: Day 2

11am: After a 30 minute flight to Coca from Quito, we're now on our way to the NAPO Wildlife Center where we'll tour the Amazon jungle. On the way up the steps to the bus, I saw a cockroach the size of a small mouse. When the tour guide tried to swat it away, it flew! I nearly fainted. This should be interesting...

12pm: We just arrived at the port of the NAPO river. Upon getting here, we've already spotted a beautiful peacock, a really really old tortoise and a mischievous monkey. He jumped up on someone's table while they were eating and interrupted their meal to get...french fries. Yes you read right. Papas fritas. Sounds like my little brother smh. Now we're off to cruise along the NAPO river for 2 hours until we reach the Amazon jungle. Stay tuned.

4:30pm: Finally we've arrived at the NAPO Wildlife Center lodge! It is absolutely breathtaking here. We're facing the NAPO river and we'll staying in huts for 3 nights...whoopeee! Upon arriving at the center, we were greeted by the llodge manager Miguel who served us glasses of Naranjilla juice (tomato tree juice?) I really hate tomatoes, but this juice is delish. On the way here we rode canoes through the Amazon and saw all different types of wild birds, monkeys and even a Black Cayman (this reptile that looks like an alligator)

5:00pm: After a quick debriefing and a few snacks, the lodge hosts have each shown us to our cabins. These cabins are massive! And we each get one to ourselves. They're set up like little huts, with mosquito nets and all, but fancier. Like...luxury huts or something. We each have our own porch with chairs overlookin the NAPO river. Even hammocks! Each hut has one king sized bed and a twin. Enough for a family of three.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous about the mosquito situation. And the possibility that a wild monkey may find it's way into my cabin. But other than that, I'm super excited! Tonight we'll have catered dinner on the premises. And tomorrow we're off to explore the jungle. I'm so NOT the adventurous type but I'm here & I'm gonna have a good time, despite my fear of evil anancondas and blue-bottomed monkeys.

Ten Days in Ecuador sponsored by Latitude International & LAN Airlines
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  1. How absolutely amazing, Can't wait for more pics to come, enjoy yourself to the fullest, an opportunity of a life time!


  2. i would have fainted too when i saw that roach! lol im so jealous right now of your trip and you're just on day 2!

  3. It looks like you are having an amazing time. Enjoy the rest of your trip!