Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ten Days in Ecuador: Day 7

8am: Just woke up for breakfast. This is the first day we're getting up post 5am. Praise baby Jesus. Today is a day of relaxation & pampering for us. We're headed to the prettiest beach in all of Ecuador - called Los Frailles! I cannot wait. That's why I came here - to lounge beachside, not to fight monkeys & tarantulas in the Amazon jungle. All is well again in my world.

10am: We've just arrived at Los Frailles. It is gorgeous here. There are mountains framing the sea on either side, with rocky cliffs. And in front of us is turquoise water and sand. The sun is intense here, but I love it. On top of it being beautiful, we spotted a whale! It was doing flips above the water and blowing water through it's blow hole. Not too far from where we were so we could see everything without binoculars. Absolutely amazing.

Next up, were headed to gourmet lunch and after that we'll be going to a sulfur lagoon to take a bath in the hot springs. So thankful for today.

1:30pm We're having lunch at this beachside restaurant called Magico Del Fin in Salango, Ecuador. The food is absolutely amazing. I can't even explain. This is some of the best seafood I've ever had. They just served us fried plantains, garlic shrimp, fried fish and langostini (which I believe is baby lobster). I literally licked my fingers. This restaurant is a must if you're headed to the Pacific Coast.

6:00pm: I'm at Machillala National Park! Yeah, I didn't know what it was either. It's cool. Apparently it's a national park where a number of Ecuadorian indigenous peoples live. Many of these folks live here & farm. They're supposed to be direct descendants of the Inca! While here we swam in this sulfur lagoon that's said to be really therapeutic and amazing for the skin. Smelled like rotten eggs, but it felt great! They also had this natural clay from the ground. So all of us smothered ourselves in this clay, waited for it to dry and then rinsed ourselves in the sulfur lagoon. Very cool. Now we're headed back to the hotel for dinner. I'm exhausted but refreshed. I'm glad we got pampered today.

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