Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cece's Curls: My First Blowout at Hair Rules Salon

Last month, when I found out I would be co-hosting an afterparty/cocktail with Curly Nikki (HERE), I knew I wanted to really jazz up my style with a fierce 'do. Since going natural back in November 2010, I had devoted myself to keeping my hair free of heat for an entire year to allow it to grow. Well, I made it! And to celebrate, I went to curly hair expert Dickey of Hair Rules Salon.

My inspiration for the evening was fierce natural diva Tracee Ellis Ross:

I decided to give the milmaid braid look a try and it turned out so well! See below from the cocktail:

Aside from my obsession with his amazing products, I had heard so much about Dickey's styling techniques, I had to try him out!

Upon arriving, I was greeted warmly and given a lesson on my curl type and how to properly care for it. They gave me a thorough conditioning cleanse, a "ting" oil treatment, trim, blowout & style. Altogether, I was really happy with my experience.

Check it out in the video below:

To learn more about Hair Rules check out their Website | SHOP Hair Rules | Facebook | Twitter

Stay tuned for another post about all the cool ways I rocked my blowout!
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  1. im definitely going to try that look, love it! i havent used heat on my hair in two years and im going to celebrate as well, this christmas im going to get it straightened im excited!

  2. I love that look on you. I am trying my best to wait a full year as well before I add heat to my hair but now after seeing this Im really tempted to do it early. It came out great.


  3. Cute! Never thought of that look before, but seeing how great you look, I just may give it a try! Great post!

  4. I'm really skeptic of salons since I've been natural my whole life but this looks like I might just give it a go!


  5. It looks nice, but that is crazy he had to have an assistant hand him his flat iron and section the hair for him.That's crazy to me, guess its because I'm not a new yorker haha. Hair looks good though.