Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten Days in Ecuador: Day 9

9am: Today is my last full day in Ecuador! I'll be heading back to the states tomorrow afternoon. We'll visit two museums today and then start heading to Ecuador's largest port city - Guayaquil! I've been dying to get to Guayaquil, it's the biggest city in Ecuador. While here. we're supposed to take a trip to a cocoa hacienda to see how fresh chocolate is made - yum.

Museum Sumpa (museum of lovers)

11am: We just finished up at the Lover's Museum. I'm normally not a big museum person, but it was pretty interesting. I think my mind is more focused on getting to Guayaquil. Can't wait to see the city.

Tapestry at Lover's Museum
My friend wanted to take this tapestry home, but of course it's not for sale. It's a permanent fixture at the museum!

6pm: Tonight we're having dinner at the Hotel Oro Verde. It's an amazing luxury hotel in downtown Guayaquil. They have amazing service, and they're rated one of the best hotels in the world. I'm off to freshen up for dinner - it's my last one in the country!

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