Friday, November 4, 2011

Ten Days in Ecuador: Day 5

9am: We finally left the jungle. Goodbye and good riddance to the Amazon. It was fun the first day but...I prefer the concrete jungle! Today we're flying back from Coca to Quito. I love it there, it's such a beautiful city. Upon landing we're heading to this hilly village in Quito for lunch.

12pm: We're in Quito! I met a llama named Poncho (pictured above). The mountains in Quito are breathtaking. We're headed to the old city of Quito now to visit this place called the "Middle of the World", which is actually the exact middle of the world considering Ecuador falls on the equator line. There are gift shops there - can't wait to buy souvenirs. I must get a Panama Hat while I'm here.

3pm:  We're off to tour the Jesuit cathedrals downtown. One of them is apparently the oldest and most fascinating churches here.  The insides are paved in gold!

5pm: Finally, we're headed to the Swissotel in Quito to settle in for the night and get ready for dinner. They...eat a lot here. We've had at least 5 meals a day for the past five days - three course meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner then two snacks. Not complaining - the food is good. But I will clearly be living in spandex when I get back to the states.

Ten Days in Ecuador sponsored by Latitude International & LAN Airlines
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  1. that cathedral is jaw drop worthy wow

  2. oh wow, cool pics enjoy your time doll. :)