Monday, November 7, 2011

Ten Days in Ecuador: Day 8

9am: We're off to Isla de Plata today. It's supposed to be a mini version of the Galapagos Islands. We have to drive to the port then take a one hour boat ride out to the island. I'm praying to baby Jesus that it won't be canoes. If I see another canoe, I might cry. No seriously.

12pm: So it wasn't a canoe. I feel like it was worse though. We took a super bumpy ride through the ocean in a 17-passenger motorboat. It felt like a never-ending roller coaster at a water park. But without seat belts. On the bright side, we saw dolphins! They were the cutest thing ever. Just a-swimming along the ocean right near the boat. It was really amazing. Apparently our group is pretty lucky with animal spotting because these dolphins aren't supposed to still be here. They should've left in September according to the tour guide. *shrugs* Works for me!

3pm: *heaves in heavy & coughs up lung* Soooo they didn't tell us we'd be going on a 2 hour hike! I've officially burned off every bit of caloric intake from the last 7 days I've been here. Seriously. Anyway, outside of the fact that I almost fell off a cliff (not really, I'm dramatic in case you haven't caught it yet) - there were beautiful blue-footed boobies all over the island! They were amazing. These beautiful blue footed birds who nest on the cliffs of Isla de Plata. Now we're off to go watch sea turtles and snorkel at a coral reef. My fave activity - can't wait!

5pm: I went snorkeling! That might be my favorite vacay activity outside of eating & beach-side lounging. I love tropical fish. the water was actually warm, to my surprise. And I found Nemo! Wouldn't mind returning to Isla de Plata one day, it wasn't half bad.

Ten Days in Ecuador sponsored by Latitude International & LAN Airlines.
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  1. Oooh looks so fun! So glad you shared everyday! I really enjoyed all of these post on this vacation! I hope I can go somewhere next year!

  2. ooh, look at the little sea turtles! Too cute! Wish I was there! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fantastic photos, I wanna snorkle!


  4. Those birds are KILLING me! They need speech bubbles that say "OH HAI!"