Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cover Girls: Tracee Ellis Ross for VIBE Vixen

One of my favorite style icons, Tracee Ellis Ross, looks absolutely stunning on the cover of VIBE Vixen. Doesn't she just exude edgy sophistication? Love her! In their 3rd Digital Edition, VIBE Vixen uncovers a few things about Tracee you might not know. Check out some of the interview snippets below:

VV: Is it difficult balancing your role as producer with starring in the show?
Ross: I wouldn’t say difficult, but it’s definitely makes for a long day. But it is the kind of full plate that I adore. I adore this kind of work and it’s very rewarding. The producer role very much plays into the kind of person I am. In the evolution of my career it is a really exciting step for me because I am the kind of creative person that has a real opinion about the kind of images that I want to portray and want in the public in general. So having a seat at the table with the many voices that is part of the collaborative art of television is really and exciting and wonderful for me.

VV: Let’s talk about your style. Before when we spoke, you mentioned that some of the pieces from Girlfriends would find their way into Carla’s wardrobe. What’s the inspiration? Do you work with designers or find things out and about?
Ross: It’s stuff that’s been found out and about. The way I went about Joan and Carla is I always ask myself who this woman is. Every once in a while people say Carla is so much like Joan, and I’m like, ‘People, Tracee plays both people.’ So what you’re seeing that’s the same between Carla and Joan is not Carla being like Joan, but it’s Tracee. Tracee was Joan and Tracee is Carla. It’s so funny people don’t understand that, it makes me laugh.

You can read the full article on VibeVixen.com. What do you guys think of Tracee's cover look? I'm gagging at the amazingness of her, per usual. Soundoff below!
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