Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Home Improvement: Funky Dada

Here at LBS, we're always on the prowl for great finds. If we can glam it up with fly wardrobe, we can do the same in our humble abodes. You guys remember our Home Improvement series started this past summer, right? Well, we've stumbled on an online treasure in trendy home decor that we can't keep quiet about. Allow us to introduce you to Funky Dada.

Funky Dada, who's tagline is "Live With Style", is marked by an eccentric mix of bold colors, textures, and ankara prints that bring out personality in any home space.

From artisan painted dining ware to beautifully embroidered pillows, their handcrafted merchandise includes everything from bedding, lighting, and lifestyle Accessories. No one ever went wrong with a little dash of color in their life. 

Who doesn't enjoy a touch of custom art and eclectic prints around the home? 

These works of art make the perfect gift for the highly anticipated holiday gatherings or a good friend's house warming party.

To check out more of these funky pieces check out Funky Dada online HERE.

Would you adorn your home with Funky Dada pieces?

- Gracie J
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  1. I love home pieces that reflect different cultures and countries. The pillows are great!

  2. I like the tea towels and bowls.

  3. I would totally decorate my home with these pieces! The colors are beautiful, and the patterns are fun!


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