Thursday, February 14, 2013

LBS Backstage Beauty: Butter London for Libertine Fall 2013

For the Libertine Fall 2013 collection, Butter London lead artist Katie Hughes customized a special crystallized golden nail look. The vintage-like gold is new shade from Butter London that will be available this upcoming Summer 2013. Here's what she had to say about the look:

About the application: "You start off by inserting the toothpick in lip balm, then pre-glue the nail and just paste it right on. No particular pattern for the jewels, we just kept them heavily encrusted by the cuticle and brought it down from there," said Katie Hughes.

"Every single nail is different and unique, that’s the most important thing. The crystals are actually used in his clothes so he gave us three sheets of these stones to work with. I added a lot of Swarovski [crystals] so I could get that pop of sparkle so it’s really fun."

About the crystallized nail trend:

"I do think it’s going to be big this season. I always talk about the grown up nail art trend, and when I say grown-up nail art I mean half-moon manicures, graphic strips down the nail, color-blocking tips, etc. I think this is still within that because it’s an embellishment as opposed to smiley faces or crazy little things that a kid would do. I think this is still acceptable for grown-ups. Color-wise, embellishment is going to be heavily within that trend. There's alot of texture coming out in nail polish and it’s just going to a whole other place. You can really feel the glitter in a nail lacquer now. It’s all about texture."

About the nail color: "This color we custom created for the Libertine Fall 2013 collection. We already have a gold in the collection so we said ‘Can we make it more vintage-looking?’. More like jewelry you’d find at a market in the middle east or something - really, really gold. So I created it for him, for the show. It’s not out yet, but it should be out in May - during the next collection launch."

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