Friday, February 8, 2013

Cover Girls: Beyonce Covers Vogue March Issue

In case the Presidential Inauguration and the 2013 Super Bowl didn't give you enough of a Beyonce fix for these first months of 2013, behold Vogue has something for ya. Covering the March 2013 Power Issue of Vogue is none other than "QueenB!" as declared in the headline.

Beyonce rocks what appears to be a tailored blazer, or dress, or something. I'm a little confused about what exactly that "thing" is, but there's no doubt her face is flawless. She rocks a slightly undone pompadour to complete her "power" look.

Thoughts on Beyonce's cover look? 
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  1. This is her YEAR! ahhh can't wait to get my issue in the mail!!


  2. The outfit looks a bit weird but that's a small thing.
    She looks absolutely stunning. As usual.