Thursday, February 14, 2013

Style Play Polish: Valentine's Day Nails by Get Nailed

Happy Valentine's Day guys! As a special treat for V-day, we have a special edition of Style.Play.Polish guest-edited by Chelsea King of Get Nailed. I'm a huge fan of her nail art blog, so I hope you all show her some love:

Hello everyone, my name is Chelsea and I’m so excited to be guest posting on LoveBrownSugar! I have a nail art blog, Get Nailed, where I post photos and tutorials of all sorts of nail art. Today I’m going to show you how to get a simple but cute Valentine’s Day look for your nails.

What I Used:

First, you’re going to want to paint a base color on all your nails. I used the light pink for my ring finger and used this light brown polish on the rest of my nails.

Once it dries, you’re going to get your pink polish and paint a stripe down the center of your nails. I used the brush directly from the bottle, but if you have a small paintbrush handy that will work as well!

For the ring finger, I used my glitter placement technique to make a heart out of glitter. I also have a video tutorial which you can view here:

I’m using loose glitter, which you can find at many craft stores or online. This particular glitter I got from

You first get your toothpick and dip it in top coat to pick up an individual glitter. You then dip the glitter into the top coat and apply it to your nails. For this design I’m placing the glitters in the shape of a heart. Once you apply all of the glitter, put on your favorite top coat and you are finished!

Thank you Christina and I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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