Monday, December 7, 2009

Lifestyle Icons: Angela & Vanessa Simmons

Ok, so most of you already know that I'm an Editorial Assistant at HoneyMag.com. In case you didn't, now you know. So consider this shameless promotion at it's best. I actually don't blog about most of my work for Honey, but I absolutely love this article and it took me 5 days to transcribe it, so I must promote:

One of the reasons I really loved this one is because Angela & Vanessa were so personable and down to earth! I listened to an hour long interview via tape recorder of Angela and Vanessa going back and forth answering my boss's questions.

They're so genuine and I truly admire that they're young black entrepreneurs with clear focus and positive image.

And of course, Charles (our fashion director) did an excellent job with styling. Enjoy! And peep the full article here.
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  1. I didn’t know about your job with Honey, that’s great! But yea, I really like the Simmons sisters too. They seem down to earth, without being fake. I think the MTV shows try to paint them as goodie goodies, but I think they overcome that label.