Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trey Covers Honey: Trey Chic

So I had an AMAZING time at this Honey Cover shoot with Trey Songz. He whisked into the room smelling of sensual cologne giving hugs and kisses upon entrance. I nearly melted to the floor when he touched my cheek...whew!

Anyway, his pics turned out absolutely amazing. I'm not big on Men's fashion, as you guys now, but I must agree with the clever title - Trey Songz was chic at this shoot.

His stylist Rebecca was so incredibly nice and these looks were well-suited for him.

Make sure you guys peep his full interview with my boss and Editor in Chief Shanel Odum. It's extremely well written. I also snagged a few videos on my bberry during the shoot that I will post soon. Stay tuned!

What do you guys think? Is Trey Chic or what? Soundoff below!
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1 comment:

  1. fun! so awesome you got to be a part of this. the shots are super sexy. he annoys me at times, but is undeniably some yummy eye candy.