Monday, December 21, 2009

LoveBrownSugar's 100th Post: Christmas Wishlist

Happy 100th Post lovelies! To commemorate my blog's humble beginnings back in July, this post will be a fan favorite - a countdown! Since we're all gearing up for the Holidays, I decided to share my personal Christmas Wishlist with you all. I've picked some of the coolest and trendiest gifts I personally lust for this season:

10. Embellished Laptop Covers

 Dell had these limited edition laptops specially designed by creative director Douglas Little of D.L. & Co. for Bergdorf Goodman. These are so chic, but unfortunately unavailable for purchase. A girl can dream right? Currently on the hunt for some materials to recreate some of these amazing designs on my own laptop.

9. Studded Boyfriend Blazer

This Studded Boyfriend Blazer from Urban Outfutters seems like one of those pieces that would be in constant rotation throughout the week. It's on trend and it fits well. What else do I need?

8. Leather gloves (Elbow Length)

 All of my winter coats this season happen to be cropped-sleeved and therefore without elbow-length gloves I find myself with a slight chill around the forearm come early mornings in NYC. Wrist-length gloves just don't make the cut. These Coach Leather Gloves would be the business....

7. Cool Digi Cam

So this year, I'm commiting myself to saving up for a pro camera. Just because I love photography. But, in the meantime, I need a banging digi cam because my old one is broken. This Samsung Dual View Digital Camera is the coolest one I've seen in new technology. Tired of your girls saying "Lemme see! Unhh uhh, take that over!" Well, now they can see what they look like with this dual screen and stop stressing you about your photography skills.

6. Yummy Smelling Gift Set

The age-old staple female gift - bath products. We all have them piled from wall to wall in our bathrooms. We will inevitably all receive bath products from at least one person for Xmas. This year, ask for something yummy and multipurpose like this Philosophy Gift Set

5. Studded Heels

The color and shape are festive enough for Christmas and many holidays after. Hell, I might be wearing these in the Spring! These Topshop Studded Heels are FAB, no?

4. Minx Manicure

One way to get creative is to give a spa or beauty treatment of some sort for the Holidays. This year, it's all about the minx manicure. Check the Minx Manicure website and find a salon near you. Feel like a celeb for a day, or shall I say a few weeks as this treatment is said to last at least 2.

3. Stylish Cardigans

Let's face it, cardigans are a closet staple and a mainstay pretty much through winter, spring and fall. Jazz it up this winter with a cardigan in an unexpected print like this Snake Print Cardigan from ASOS.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs

I mean, who doesn't lust for Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love Marc Jacobs as a designer and his handbags are just so simply chic. I would love an oversized Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag like this one. The royal blue is giving me LIFE!

1. Oversized Menswear Watch

Coming in at number one on my countdown is this luxurious Michael Kors Oversized Watch. I've been searching for the perfect watch for months now. And I can't find any that quite measure up to this one by Michael Kors. It's a bit pricey, but it's just that good. Need it in my life!

That's all for my Xmas Wishlist 2009. Please share below some items on your wishlist! I'd love to hear what you guys lust for this season. Besides, I need gift ideas ;)

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  1. Congratulations! I'm lusting for an iphone and some black knee high boots would love those ones that go up to your thighs but I don't think I have the guts to wear them!

  2. We've just awarded you with the T.M.I blog... check out the site to accept it! CONGRATS!

    Kelly, Nina & Kiyyah