Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LoveBrownSugar Top 10 Spring Essentials

While I'm loving the fact that it's not freezing cold out anymore, it frustrates me when the weather spans from "too cold to go out sans a jacket" but "too warm for a scarf and hat". Hate the in-between, awkward stages of spring? Buy some new transition pieces to cheer yourself up! Here are LoveBrownSugar's Top 10 Spring Essentials.Work these babies into your wardrobe before the weather gets "all the way turnt up"...

1) Harem Pant: The harem pant is major for this season. While the chic and fashion-forward europeans have been sporting this look for years now (I saw them all over Paris and Spain back in '08), fashionistas in the states are just catching onto this leisurely stylish silhouette. Grab them in basic colors like black, beige and neutral green.

 (Harem Pant, Victoria Secret, $39.50)

2) Printed Dress: There are so many cool prints in style this season! From polka dots to geo-print to tribal. Big for this season - mixing & matching. Go wild with this one, but not too much...

(Geo-Print Dress, Eight Sixty, $118.00)

3) Peep Toe Wedge Bootie: Let's face it - wedges are the way to go. They're on trend, they're comfortable and cute. What more could you possibly want? Get them in a go-with-everything color or be bold and daring with a bright pair. Whatever you do, make sure they're included in your footwear lineup this season.

  (Laser Cutout Wedges, Pour La Victoire, $315.00)

4) Neutral Jumpsuit: Romper, Romper, ROMPER! I think I just like saying that word. Anyway, get yourself one. I'm wearing a floral number up top in my blog header. They are a little more casual than dresses but so easy to play with. If I can brave the jumpsuit, so can YOU! Scared? Try one in a neutral color first, then work your way up to prints...

(Safari Romper, Forever 21, $29.50)

5) Clogs: I thought I'd never say it, and I know there are some of you who will never warm up to this trend, but I must state facts. Clogs are in. There...I said it. The best way to get away with this trend without looking like a Dutch farmgirl? Wear them with a long lean silhouette - no big or frumpy silhouettes. Also, try a stiletto heel instead of a clunky one! The studding give the clog appeal but the stiletto makes it more sophisticated.

(Daynty Clogs, Steve Madden, $109.95)

6) Pastel Nails: What better way to usher in spring colors than with your fingertips? I don't know about you guys but pretty nail colors make me happy. When I see them, I smile :)

(Nail Color in Boy Toy, Ginger + Liz, $12)

7) Floral Leggings: Getting tired of your old black leggings? You know, the ones you've been sporting consistently for the past few seasons. Well, take it a step further in a floral pair! Florals are in for spring (when are they not) and fashionistas all over are sporting this brave new silhouette. Don't be left behind!

(Floral Leggings, Topshop, $40) 

8) Utilitarian Jacket: This season, you'll be seeing a whole lot of army green, beige and brown. Utilitarianism is huge and so is military. Inevitably, you'll need a military-inspired jacket in a neutral color. This is about the only minimalist piece I'll opt for this season. I'm just not very...minimal. And neither are my clothes!

(Military Anarak, Gap, $85.35)

9) Edgy Shades: While everyone else is reaching for the same old Ray-Bans or Marc Jacobs goggles, do something novel and try an edgy pair like the ones pictured above. Way back in LoveBrownSugar's beginnings, I blogged about chain link shades being the "next big thing" a la Amber Rose. Well, now they are! *takes a bow*

(Spikey Stud Shades, Coco & Breezy, $195.00)

10) Studded Bag: Take the studding trend from fall into spring with a nice bright pouch like this one. Opt for color instead of black and it's instantly fresh for the new season. I'm in love with the one pictured above.

(Studded Suede Pouch, ASOS, $40.58)

What are your spring must-haves? Sound off below!
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  1. Great rundown! I love the highlight on the pouch bag! i will be wearing that with my sky high wedges!