Monday, December 6, 2010

LoveBrownSugar's Christmas Wishlist

It's Monday and I'm sad that the weekend is over, so I'm giving myself permission to be a little selfish today. Instead of posting a Holiday Gift Guide, which I will most likely have for you later this week, I've decided to indulge you all on what I personally want this holiday season. Holla if you agree! Here's my 2nd Annual Top 10 Christmas Wishlist:

10. Polaroid Instant Camera

I think it’s so great that Polaroid has relaunched the classic instant cameras and made them better than ever. This Polaroid Two version is super sleek but still offers the same functionality we know and love. 

9. Pink 4 Friday

 Call me corny, but I'm jumping on the Pink Friday bandwagon. Aside from my love/hate relationship with Nicki Minaj, which this week happens to be on '"love", I think it's so clever that she's managed to capitalize on her overuse of the color pink in the form of this new MAC lipstick. I'm also determined to get my hand out because it's been SOLD OUT for the past two Fridays.

8. Oyin Handmade Beauty Products

So I’ve been all over Youtube and natural hair sites combing through product reviews for the natural-haired gals and this brand seems to be a favorite. Based in Baltimore, Oyin Handmade has a collection of all-natural hair products that apparently smell amazing and do wonders for dry curls. Can’t wait to get my hands on these…
7. Chrisette Michele Album 

Love this girl, need I say more? She’s beautiful, sassy and classy; three things every lady should be. Plus she represents for us curvy girls in such a positive light. Definitely need this album before the year is up…

6. ASOS poncho

 I've been on the hunt for the perfect printed knit poncho. ASOS has a really great selection. Love this Aztec printed one in camel. 
5. Turban Prints

 Because I've become obsessed with turbans (Youtube tutorial coming soon), I've learned the funkier the print the cooler the look. Hence, I'm on the hunt for great fabrics sorta like the one Solange is pictured in above.

4. Boxing Kitten Dress

  I’ve been an avid Boxing Kitten fan for a few years now. I love how they’ve taken traditional fabrics and shaped them to today’s trendy silhouettes. Plus the owner Maya Lake is super cool and so down to earth.Oh, and random fact: that lovely lady above happens to be Liz of Ginger & Liz. Just to put a face to a name since I'm always raving about them.

3. Flipcam 

 Aside from my current obsession with Youtube, these flipcams are just perfect for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments. And celebrity interviews for you lovelies to see! 

2. Jeffrey Campbell Litas

This shoe might be my most lusted-after item the entire season. They’re amazing and everything I love in a trendy shoe. Show-stopping, platform, and comfy! Sigh, Jeff Campbell, how I love thee…

1. Michael Kors Watch

So I’ve been feigning over these Michael Kors watches for about a year now. IT was even on my Christmas Wishlist last year! I still haven’t gotten my hands on one, but hopefully this year I’ll find it under the Christmas tree. It’s just…perfect. Love it!

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist? Soundoff below!

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  1. I've been meaning to try Oyin too. Everyone raves about their burnt sugar pomade. Oh M. Kors, those watches of his are in my vision too lolz.

  2. Wow I <3 your list we have similar taste. I wanted the Michael Kors watch and got one for Christmas last year. Honestly, if its a gift to yourself today would be a great day to get it since Macy's is having their 25% off everything (customer appreciation, but the last day). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Oyin and enjoy going to hang out with the owners and their employees whenever I get a chance. Have you seen their new YT video? I'm actually in it singing. I really want a African print dress but haven't been able to find one. Anyways, I digress. What's on my list or what was on LoL!!! I want/got Gucci Envy perfume, Michael Kors Hamilton tote, Keurig coffee maker, and I really want NEW living room furniture but... I keep hinting to my daddy doubt if I get it. Anyway's I hope you get everything you want on your list. PS- I hope my name gets pulled on one of these drawings too, LoL!!!

  3. Great list! I have 3 of your top 10: flip vid camera/Kors watch/and the poloroid, which I never use, but still love. lol

    I ALSO LOVE miss chrisette and the MAC pink lipstick (now I gotta try it :)

    Let me know what u think about my Xmas wish list A (to almost) Z

  4. I totally agree on that flip cam. I am a youtube fiend myself and definitely need to up my recording game. Once you go Michael Kors watch, you'll never go back. His watches are amazing. I have one and hoping to get the bright pink one that came out this Fall

  5. I have the flip cam and the Lita boots. Love both! The boots are actually very comfortable and extremely easy to walk in.