Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ten Days in Ecuador: Day 6

Today we're flying from Quito to the city of Manta to tour the Pacific Coast. First we're visiting this place called the Isla Corazon or Heart Island to see the mangrove trees that grow there. It's another nationally preserved area. We'll have to take a canoe ride to get there. Apparently, they give you a refreshing snack after your tour. I think I'm more excited about the fried shrimp than I am about the mangroves.

Next stop - Hotel Casa del Ceibo! It's a boutique hotel in the beachside coastal town of Bahia de Caraquez. We were greeted in the reception with warm towels and blackberry passionfruit juice. This hotel only has 18 rooms, and specializes in personal service. Ceibo is the type of tree that grows out front.

We're having lunch here today! Casa Ceibo is known for it's world-trained culinary specialists. Today's lunch special - grilled fish with yellow rice, potatoes and veggies. I told you they feed us alot! No complaints.

After lunch, we have an incredibly long ride along the mountains of Manta to get to our hotel. It's called Hosteria Alandaluz. Despite the 5 hour ride back to the hotel, I do love that this place is comfy and has no bugs inside. It's like a luxury lodge. Someone in the group said it looks similar to Disney's Polynesian Resort. I've never been there, but I imagine it does.

Most important, it's a beachside resort with a pool! Yes. Civilization. It's crazy how much roughing it without the normal luxuries will make you appreciate them when you get them back.

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  1. How beautful, and I am glad you area being fed well!

  2. the sights and the food sound amazing...i would love to lounge at that pool, more deets please i might be planning my trip soon! ~ JH

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