Thursday, August 16, 2012

LoveBrownSugar Interviews The Braxtons

Tonight marks the return of the “snaps, crackle and pops” better known as The Braxtons. The ladies along with Miss Evelyn return to Wetv for the continuation of season 2, now known as season 2.5 of Braxton Family Values. Yesterday at the London Hotel in New York, LoveBrownSugar.com sat down with Towanda, Traci, Tamar, Trina and Miss Evelyn to discuss where the season picks up and continues. They laid it out for us, with lots of laughter and personality to boot.

On season 2.5, Tamar Braxton claims “This 2.5 you really get to see a lot of everybody else.” For everyone who wants so much to “stan” for Traci, according to Towanda, “you get to see more of Traci in her marriage and her being a mother and a business woman.” Yes, finally we can strip her of being “the wannabe” because according to Tamar, “she is far from that.” And I agree!

Towanda, the glue that holds the sisters together, seems to have a rocky relationship with the father of her children Andre. But according to her, “I’m the girlfriend whose relationship you don’t know much about, but you just know it works for her.”

Trina’s role as wife and partyer has overshadowed the singing career that she has been working on with her band. She now has her first single out, “Party or Go Home,” which has been getting lots of play on the party scene. Trina will be releasing an EP very soon. When asked about what we can expect to see, she explained “In the near future, you’re not gonna have any ballads. I think it’s really important for me to establish who I am as a solo artist before I delve in to all those other genres of music because I don’t want to confuse my fans.”

We all want new music from Tamar, but she and Vince are conceiving their “love on top,” as she refers to her future baby bump. According to Tamar, a little one is “in the works.”

The Braxtons are some beautiful women, so of course I had them share their beauty secrets:

Tamar said, “right now everyone’s on Make Up Forever and Black Opal. And we use Dove soap because we have crazy sensitive skin and those products are very sensitive to the skin.” Who knew Dove Beauty bars work great on the face?

And who do you think they all said in unison was the most fashionable sister? "TAMAR!" Well, 3 snaps in a Z snap to that! Season 2.5 continues tonight on Wetv at 9pm.
- Makisha Timothy

Check out our exclusive video below:

Kisha chit-chatting with The Braxtons
Will you guys be tuning into Season 2.5?
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  1. Great interview, I am a Braxtons fan!!

  2. Will be tuning in tonight! And Dove is really great for your face because it's not soap but a moisturizer that's in bar form.

  3. Love the braxton's!!! Yes I use dove on my face and when I am not I use black soap. I need to know what weave Tamar has in her hair when she sitting next to Mama Braxton in the graduation photo

  4. I never knew how interesting the Braxtons really were until the show. I never gave them to much thought, but they are too funny and this is the one reality show that isn't shadowing black women in a negative light. Will be tuned in for sure!


  5. They do not use DOVE's BAR SOAP. They use DOVE LIQUID SOAP. In the BEAUTY SECRETS interview, Tamar mentions that she uses DOVE, but does not specifically say that it is the liquid soap, but in the same BEAUTY SECRETS interview, TRACI elaborates on the type of DOVE soap they use. She attributes this beauty tip to their mom, which infers that the liquid soap is what her sisters use, also.