Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NEWS: NFL New Fashion Campaign - Serena Wiliams, DJ Kiss & More

Just in time for football season, the NFL has unleashed some new campaign ads featuring some of our favorite celebs rocking the league's new fashion-forward paraphernalia. Featuring celebrities like Serena Williams, Condoleeza Rice, DJ Kiss and more, the NFL's revamped women's apparel platform makes its debut with the campaign slogan "It's My Team". Serena looks amazing per usual.

Here's a sneak peek at DJ Kiss' look:

Thoughts? Any fashionista football fans out there? Would you rock these looks?

Wanna shop the collection? Grab the new NFL apparel HERE
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  1. Football and Fashion...the world can't get any better. I LOVE that the NFL is thinking of us now (or rather their wives, moms, girlfriends and daughters are thinking of us). They even have plus size...I may make a special purchase this season (like I need anything else to add to my football fever). :)

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  3. I love the idea! I just finished telling my best friend the other day we have to go Saints shopping. I have definitely been looking at online shops to give myself a few ideas and checking price points. I am also happy the NFL is thinking of us plus size woman because normally that is where the trouble comes in at. I even love it more that DJ Kiss is rocking Saints gear! lol

  4. I love that we're recognized as real fans (women)!!!! I created real fan makeup for women to help glamorize women's fandom :) It's called Rally Girl Makeup for glamorous women. Real makeup not face paint. I don't always like wearing a jersey, so I wear my team makeup colors on my eyes, lips and face! Rally Girl Makeup is helping girls girl up at games.
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