Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cover Girls: Oprah Covers O Magazine With Natural Hair

The blogosphere has been buzzing something crazy today over Oprah's latest O Magazine cover shot. Oprah is said to be wearing her natural curls on the cover of her most recent issue. She looks spectacular (but when doesn't she? besides the few times she goes without makeup...)

So you may be wondering- what's the controversy? Apparently some believe these aren't Oprah's natural strands and that she might be playing for #TeamRelaxed (why are there teams again?) but in all honesty I think whether she's relaxed or not, she still looks flawless.

What do you guys think? Weigh in below!

P.S. Hear me giving my opinion in this article for Fashionista.com by Jihan Forbes. She quoted me!

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  1. I think she looks great too. People love to hate Oprah because of her success. I've never understood that. Furthermore, it's her hair. Whether it's relaxed or not is her completely her business.

    1. You know what they say...you haven't made it unless you have "haters"...

  2. I think the cover is beautiful. I hate when things like this become bigger deals than they really are. If she's relaxed, awesome. If's she's natural,great. Whatever mama O wanna do with her hair is her business.


  3. I love it!! But of course some people are always going to find something negative to say! ugh.