Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drop The Dryer: 5 Natural Hair Must-Have Products

After 3 months of heat-lessness Nikita of My 12 Month Natural Hair Challenge wants to shed some light on her process. Next week, look forward to hearing her top three natural hair lessons. This week, she spills the beans on her top 5 natural hair product categories. 

It's hard to navigate the sea of hair products out there, but here are some I love...

1. Oils/Sealants:

I like both light and heavy oils for my hair. The lighter oils (argan oil and olive oil) I utilize for everyday use and the heavier one (coconut oil) I just use once a week. A lot of people with bigger curls don't like heavier oils, but my hair drinks it up. Also, shea butter is hands down one of the best sealants I've come across.

2. Shampoos: 

I love shampoos that don't just keep my hair from feeling stripped and depleted, but also infuse it with some moisture. These picks are two of the shampoos I've found that do just that for me:

Aussie Moist Shampoo and Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

3. Conditioners: 

The most important factor to me in choosing a conditioner is that it has "slip" or the has the property that makes it very easy for me to detangle my hair. TRESemme Flawless Curls Conditioner and Aussie Moist Conditioner have the best slip that I have come across so far and are therefore my default conditioners. Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner may not have the slip that the former conditioners have, but it is very moisturizing and I like the way my hair feels after using it.

As far as leave-in conditioners, it is all about their ability to moisturize my hair so I can seal in as much moisture as possible. ProClaim is a spray that smells fantastic and is a way of delivering oil to your hair in a way that leaves your hands free of stickiness. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in Conditioner is extremely moisturizing and my favorite leave-in.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-In Conditioner, ProClaim Tea Tree Leave-In Conditioner

4. Gels/Pomades:

I don't like gels and pomades that leave my hair feeling hard so I like these two products because they are able to hold my hair down while leaving it feeling soft. I use Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel primarily for creating my twist looks though I do use it occasionally when putting my hair into a ponytail. Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade is perfect for keeping my baby hairs from flying off the handle for the entire day.

5. Moisturizers:

I have been using Mizani True Textures Moisture Stretch for the past two years and I have yet to find a product that's better. Is moisturizes my hair while simultaneously keeping my curls from shrinking up. It's perfection as far as I'm concerned.

What are your product must-haves? Share them below! 

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  1. Thanks for this post! I'm going to try that Mizani Moisture stretch!


  2. I've been wondering about the Organix Coconut Milk products. Will give them a try.

  3. I swear by Lock and twist gel. It's amazing. It can be a little heavy though, but I personally like the feeling.

  4. I've always wondered about the coconut milk products and the Mizani moisture stretch. I'll give them a whirl. Thanks so much for the post