Saturday, September 8, 2012

LBS Runway Report: Erin Barr Spring 2013

The ferocity of femininity seemed to be designer Erin Barr's obsession this season. The New York based makeup artist turned designer took our favorite things about being a woman and turned them into the very things that can make us run the world. Yes, her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection had me feeling that powerful.

It has a lot to do with the structure of the garments. The cuts are very geometic, the pantsuits have wide legs and some of the dresses feature straight modern silhouettes. Yet, from the blazers to that magnificent white mini dress with the elegant cut-outs, Barr finds ways to be whimsical using her own parameters with color, fabric and her only pattern - the stripe.

This isn’t your everyday overused pattern. the fabric seems to be imperfectly painted with parallel stripes that give the garments a “badass” form of vulnerability. A defiant, “I know the stripes aren’t quite even but this fabric is practically hand painted.” vibe. 

She mixes fabrics by adding an unexpected piece of leather on a beautiful trench coat and messes with the stripe pattern of other pieces with a painted overlook. She layers. She grounds her collection in color by using just four; black, red, silver and white.

Her use of white is magnificent. Remember the dangerous femininity that I spoke of? Well the white garments are where it speaks the loudest. The models are archangels in Erin Barr. The silver stripes of the white pieces, uneven and without any particular set congruence in their repetition, are where the designers vision shines and sets her collection apart as one of the best I have seen so far this season.

There are (of course) repeated trends for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection like the use of see through fabric, button downs, and sharp collars, but their appearance isn’t over handed and they add an ethereal quality that brings a touch of familiarity to the edge of ErinBarr’s designs.

I really dug the beauty looks on the models. Who dislikes a statement purple or red lip? No one. Erin Barr’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is all about feeling and being powerful. And power is something that looks good on all women!

What are you favorite power outfits? Which of the Erin Barr Spring/Summer 2013 collection pieces did you like most?

- Chrislande Dorcilus
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