Thursday, September 13, 2012

LBS Runway Review: Fotini Spring 2013

The Fotini Spring 2013 show focused on the decadence of the rococo. The designer overindulged in Swarovski, silk, lace, and organza to bring you a watercolor spring. The collection sprang from the watercolors of Watteau and the boudoir of Madame Pompadour and trust us, the collection did not disappoint. 

The pieces spoke to a time of decadence, and the setup of the show gave a museum feel. The models stood in the middle of “the box” and we moved around them. After all, paintings do not move, art admirers do. The garments were of a different time.

The trend to watch happens to also be one of my favorite RTW pieces of the collection, the printed dress with Swarovski Crystal buttons. 

I love how Fotini’s inspiration led to her use of organza and lace. In one of my other favorite looks, which I am hoping to see on the red carpet this season, she added a lightness to a high slit gown by accenting it with wisps of organza at the shoulders.

I really adored the accents of this collection. The 3-D effect on all the pieces allowed the dresses to come to life with light and movement.

One thing that dawned on me as a I nibbled on the multi colored macaroons severed at the show and watched as her models stood atop a white platform as easels for Fotini’s masterpieces was that the collection brought me to Wisteria Lane. You Desperate Housewives stans know that I could instantly imagine Brie Hodge wearing the beautiful embellished white gown, the centerpiece of the show, as a wedding dress for her third or fourth marriage. It had a sensuous, reminiscent elegance.

Are you in as much love with this collection as I am?
- Chrislande Dorcilus
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