Thursday, September 13, 2012

LBS Runway Report: Michael Kors Spring 2013

A ticket to a Michael Kors show is one of the most coveted invites in the business. He’s a go-to designer for celebs (and me, since I’ve spotted a few of his bags and pumps in TJ Maxx. Hallelujah!) So the stars aligned – as usual – for his Spring 2013 reveal. We spotted Catherine Zeta-Jones and her hubby, Michael Douglas, Katharine McPhee (who I adore!) and Olivia Munn in the front row.

The who's who packed into the Theatre to gauge trends for their spring and summer wardrobes. With this elegant, classic collection, there are tons of pieces to choose from and be inspired by!

Kors offered up a signature blend of sophistication, modern aesthetics and simplicity that are his earmarks as a designer. He relied on primary colors paired with bolder accents to continue the stripes  and color-blocking fashions of past seasons. There was a chic punch packed into the solid blacks, reds, yellows and blues that were present in almost every piece on his runway, from bodysuits to light sweaters.

It wasn’t flashy or overtly sexy. Instead, the sexiness was subliminal. Elegant swag is attractive, after all. The whimsical 60s have been on constant display this week. Michael Kors relished in that era. He offered up mod silhouettes in sexy separates for the office, late nights with the gals or even a business casual dinner with colleagues.

One of the looks I’m most fond of is the white trench coat with the gold-buckled waist. It screams retro chic! I know these are spring and summer collections, but I want this now! Let’s hope he releases a similar piece to the TJ Maxx racks soon. Lovelies, if I stumble on one during my deep bargain dives, I’ll be sure to share it with you first!

 I’ll also be picking up a few inspired pieces for my hip-hop meets prepster boo. 

Overall, I’ll give Michael Kors an "A" for maintaining his signature, while also giving us something to look forward to in the spring. Bravo, Michael!

What do you think of this collection?
- Evette Dionne
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  1. I love Michael Kors as a person. Is remarks as a judge at Project Runway are always witty and spot on. I also saw him recently in a live interview at the 92 Y and he was great. Having said this, I am not in love with his 2013 collection. It seems to lack inspiration and just doesn't wow me. Luckily, his Resort 2013 collection has a much bigger wow factor!

  2. Love MK! This looks more like a ready to wear type of collection. I do like that white trench though..UH! I might have to cop that! Cop that? LMAO! Yeah I said it!

    Pretty Girl Rock Blog