Friday, September 28, 2012

Fierce or Foolish: Tia Mowry's New Cut

The crown on a woman's head is her pride and joy. We do everything in our power to make sure that our hair always looks as if we just walked out the salon. For many of us, hair length can sometimes be an emotional shield for us. Ever see a lady in the chair at a salon start crying once she sees her hair dropping to the floor? It all ties back to to our hair being a security blanket. So when women are bold enough to do the 'big chop', it's a demonstration of fearlessness and an embracing of change. Well look who just took a walk on the wild side:

Ladies and gents, if you ever had problems distinguishing actress and mother Tia Mowry from her twin sister Tamera, not anymore. She is now the twin with the fierce short cut! Tia Mowry's once long, curly, and thick hair has been transformed into a face-framing pixie. Yesterday the actress tweeted a simple, "loving my new cut," and since it's officially the Fall season, anyone would have guessed that perhaps she colored her hair and snipped a few inches off. Just a few. 

Tia was pretty bold in sharing her new look on twitter, but in a follow up tweet, it seems as though she's getting a lot of love for this shocking move.

Thoughts? Fierce or Foolish? Would you ever chop it all off?
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  1. Replies
  2. fierce! some days i want to chop mines off but then i remember big hair is my thing

  3. FIERCE!! The short cut looks great on her. Those girls have such beautiful faces. Let them SHINE!

  4. I love it! It looks fabulous on her!

  5. It's very cute on her but one thing: it could still be a weave! Whether its a real "big chop" or not I LIKEY!


  6. Fierce! Her hair is gorgeous! Some times its good to do something different, yes our hair has been our security blanket but its also been about expression! Rock on honey, she looks good.

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  7. Fierce. Really looks cute on her. We likey. And yes, I have chopped my long hair before. And I liked it.