Friday, September 7, 2012

VANS x Minx Nails Fashion's Night Out 2012

We trekked into the abyss of Soho to the Vans DQM store for Fashion’s Night Out (The Halloween of Fashiondom) to get our drank on, nails did (in Minx of course) and to check out the matching Vans Fall 2012 Women’s Classics Collection. We entered a packed store and April, the Vans rep, greeted us in her cute LBD and leopard print sneakers.

Courtesy hipster group The Pack (“got my vans on but they look like sneakers”), we've always had an appreciation for the lace up brand’s take on sneaks, admiring everything from the checkered slip ons to the neutral classics. They have been the perfect addition to our favorite “I don’t care, I’m cool” outfit -the oversized sweater and the miniskirt.

The Fall 2012 collection defined classics with prints. Fave design from the collection? The tropical themed sneaks! The bright orange of the high top sneaker with it’s matching Minx nail wrap caught and kept our eyes the whole event.
Each sneaker has it’s own matching Minx nail wrap, and I died for the leopard print! Orange sneakers and leopard print nails can make a girly girl's dream come true. With all the possibilities of mixing and matching nail to shoe and shoe to nail the Vans 2012 Classics Collection are literally the best way to kick start incorporating color into your fall palette.

- Chrislande Dorcilus

Do you rock Vans? Which is your favorite sneaker/nail wrap combination?
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