Monday, August 27, 2012

Instaweek 8.27

Happy Monday! I had quite an active week and weekend. Here's what I got into:

- I'm still on the Whole 30 grind. I had a couple of weekend snafoos, but I'm still going strong with my veggie omelettes (no cheese!) and my Jamba smoothies. The plan definitely gets easier as time passes.

- I took a trip to Forever 21 this weekend to start stocking up on trendy & budget-friendly pieces for fall. I stumbled on the dress above left and wasn't sure if I should take it home, so I didn't. Weigh in below if you think I should head back and get it.

- This past weekend, I had the pleasure of participating in a photoshoot with some of my favorite natural-haired gurus. Had SO much fun! Popular Youtube vlogger Taren Guy participated in the shoot as well. We spent the whole day after our shoot hanging at the Afropunk Festival in BK which was a blast!
Taken from Taren's Instagram (@TarenGuy)

There's only one official weekend left in summer - how sad is that? Let's make the most of this upcoming week folks! Tell me what's on your summer bucket list!

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  1. Head back! Get it! And I missed your mention of the whole 30 previously, but I must say after reading your other post that it's a very commendable act. Being healthy is uber important, I think you've inspired me a bit to get on my own health kick.
    I see Taren :) I looooove her!


  2. Great photos. You both look beautiful. I love veggie omelettes and with a little hot sauce or salsa, they are filling and delicious. Forever 21 is a great place to stock up on cute budget friendly stuff. Have a great week and enjoy the upcoming holiday.


  3. Get the dress! It was the first picture that caught my eye; you can never go wrong with a great polka dot piece.

    As for the summer winding down, I'm still in disbelief! Where did it go?? Oy vey!