Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Sounds: Caged Black Woman & Soul Sista

 Caged Black Woman

A very gifted and talented artist friend of mine named Kofi Genfi sent me the link to his latest spoken word piece. Instead of doing a traditional spoken word recording, he channeled the theme of his poem "Caged Black Woman" into a really well-edited video, which I love. This is a story of a fearless woman who is heavily flawed and who is trying to escape into a world where there are no woes. My girl Sisi of My Modest Mouth played a role in the hair, makeup and wardrobe as well.

About the piece, Kofi says, “I leave the message of the short film completely up to the viewer. Everyone will have a different take on it because we all have been fostered by different experiences.”  
Dive right in:

Check out more of Kofi's work at his website: www.KofiGenfi.com

Soul Sista (Dream/Girl)

 This video, shot by director/producer Alex Ghassan, showcases an eclectic range of young Black style as the visuals for lyricist Suede Jury's poetic ode to natural Black beauty. The song is called "Soul Sista (Dream/Girl)". It is the 9th track from Jury's largely self-produced debut album "Dreamer's Block". The debut of the video was a collaboration between the artist Suede Jury and style website Black Fashion by Javii. Check it out below:

The album is available as a free download on http://www.suedejury.com.

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