Monday, January 7, 2013

Fierce or Foolish: Rihanna Long Hair

Everyone's favorite Bajan pop princess Rihanna stepped out this weekend rocking a brand new hair look. She partied at a Hollywood nightclub with a luscious head of dip-dyed extensions and a siren red lip to boot.

She still has the sides shaved short. She's giving me Cassie vibes with this new hair. And I absolutely love the color. It's a nice subtle honey/caramel. I love Rihanna's edge but I think she looks so sweet with long hair!

Sidebar: Can we talk about how I need this patterned drop-waist dress in my life? So cute! Gonna have to do a Steal Her Chic for this look. 

Thoughts on Rihanna's new hair? Fierce or Foolish?

Source: The Sun

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  1. For me, Rihanna is someone who rarely does any wrong when it comes to hair or styling choices. I think she has a confidence that takes her somewhat questionable looks into instant diva. So this hair is fierce honey! And I am in LOVE with that dress she's wearing, in LOVE

    1. Agreed 100%. Sometimes it's not even about the look you're rocking, it's about the confidence you exude wearing it. I think this is a win on her...

  2. I think I would love it more without the undercut. Regardless, she is a beautiful woman and I love the outfit.

  3. I am loving that look and her hair seems just a regular do for her...she definitely is rocking that dress tho, Ive seen similar ones at thrift stores.