Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama: 5 Reasons She's My Style Icon

First Lady Michelle Obama is 49 today! And thought I don't normally do birthday shout-outs (except my own, of course #vainmoment) I had to highlight her as a woman I truly look up to.

Michelle O is just....everything. She's a role model, a philanthropist, a loving wife & mother, and everything I ever want to be "when I grow up". Aside from that, she's a fashion girl after my own heart.

Here are five reasons she's one of my style icons:

1. She Plays With Color (Tastefully)

No colors are off-limits for First Lady. I've seen her in everything from cobalt blue to lime green, and she always looks absolutely flawless. In 2009, she rocked the President's first inauguration in a lime green Isabel Toledo dress.

She's definitely has inspired me to take some risks and embrace color, because her bright frocks always look great with her skin tone. Love this Peter Soronen cobalt blue gown on her.

2. She Dresses For Her Body Type

First Lady Michelle has hips for days. She has a beautiful shape and she flatters it well, with lots of A-line silhouettes and cuts that play up her assets - her amazing arms and her long modelesque legs.

3. She Mixes High & Low (And Does It Well)

Michelle Obama has been known to mix high-end designers with low on the regular. She keeps a pair of J.Crew heels and cardigan in rotation, along with her higher-end shift dresses and fine jewels. Considering the economic shape the US is in at the moment, it feels good knowing that someone as high up as our First Lady is as comfortable in Target as she is in Michael Kors.

4. She Dresses for the Occasion

Even when Michelle O is straight chilling, she looks amazing. We've seen her doing everything from gardening in the Presidential garden to kicking it on the red carpet of the Kid's Choice Awards. She always looks flawless, and appropriately dressed.

5. She Supports New Designers

First Lady has been known to be up and coming designers on the map. She can single-handedly take an under-the-radar designer mainstream with just a single appearance and I love that she's not afraid to do that. She famously wore Jason Wu, then an aspiring 26-year-old designer, to the presidential Inaugural Ball of 2009. Definitely a defining moment.

Can't wait to see what she wears to the Inaugural Ball this time. Second time's a charm! I'm heading down to DC this weekend for the festivities. I'll keep you guys updated in any Michelle O sightings.

What's YOUR favorite Michelle Obama look? Is she a style icon of yours?

Image Source: Celebuzz

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  1. I loved her outfit for the Kid's Choice Awards because a lot of people think that she's out of touch with being a normal, noncelebrity/nonfamous person. They think that she walks around in frilly dresses and skirts all day and that's just not case. I love her fashion sense and have yet to see her into that wasn't flattering to her.

  2. She has brought class back to our nation and has inspired so many young women to strive for greatness. In my opinion she has also made people want to get off there behinds and get active. Great post.

    Peace and Love,

    Najeema Iman

  3. I absolutely ADORED Michelle Obama's American flag printed dress, until I found out it was photoshopped. Despite the hoax, she has completely disregarded the "norm" for the nation's First Lady. She isn't afraid to take risks, and she is most definitely makes my top list for today's fashion inspiration. Michelle also wears American designer clothes which show's just how much faith she has in our country. Great post! Just might share it on my Facebook page! :)