Tuesday, January 8, 2013

LBS Fashion: Ice Watch Arm Candy

Like I mentioned yesterday in my Instaweek post, the lovely folks at Ice-Watch were nice enough to gift me with a brand new watch from their signature Sili Forever collection for me to test drive. This is their first time premiering in the US and they're really coming in with a bang, debuting their line at Macy's department stores.

When it comes to fine jewelry and watches, I'm more of a classic girl. I stick to styles that are very basic in finishes like gold and silver. After all, I wear one every day! But when I saw the super cute collection of Ice-Watches that come in fun punchy colors like yellow, blue, pink, and purple, I couldn't resist. There's nothing like a bright-colored accessory to give your winter wardrobe a kick.

First, let's start with the cute packaging. Is this not adorbs?! It's like a LEGO piece. They all come in this packaging so that as you amass more colors, you can stack them up like LEGO pieces. So cute! In addition, the box doubles as a piggy bank with the slit at the top (trust me, its currently collecting couch quarters - tryna save up for a house, y'all.)

Here are three different ways I wore my Yellow Sili Forever Ice-Watch (Macys.com, $99.00):

1. The Ice Stands Alone: The classic way to wear a watch, allowing it to make a statement all on it's own.

2. The Arm Party: Arm parties are all the rage. Ice-Watch is a great guest for mine.

It adds a nice pop of color to the wrist and it goes with so many different bangles in my arsenal.

3. The Double Whammy: That's right. Not one, but TWO watches. Why? Because I can.

What I love about the watch overall is that it's not super bulky or flashy. It's subtle enough for everyday wear, but still allows you to make a bold statement with color.

How would you rock your Ice-Watch? 

To purchase an Ice-Watch of your own, check them out at Macys.com and in-store at Macy's Department stores across the US! 

Check out this video featuring Ice Watch at Macy's:

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