Monday, January 14, 2013

Instaweek 1.14.12

Can you believe it's already the middle of January? It feels like just yesterday I was recapping my NYE outfit and now I'm on my way to picking out a Birthday Suit (one that involves clothes).

So last week was full of news. From Rihanna's new hair to Beyonce's GQ cover, Nicki Minaj's clothing line and brand new music from Destiny's Child. It was quite the eventful week.

In LBS news, I have a big announcement to make very shortly. I'll be taking yet another trip to LA next month for a huge event that I can't wait to dish to you guys about. More deets coming soon, but I'll just say that I'm super excited and I need to find a dress stat!

I'm determined, this year, to redefine my style & do things outside the norm just because I can. So what it's January? I'm wearing neon nail polish. So what I'm not in grade school? I'm wearing a snapback, sneakers (platform of course), and a backpack. Stop living by everyone else's definition of normal or acceptable. Make your own rules.

What rules are you breaking this year?
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