Monday, January 7, 2013

LBS Beauty: Winter Lip Care Regimen

As you guys may know, statement lips are my favorite fashion accessories. Whether it's bright red, punchy pink or matte plum, I love how statement lips can take your beauty look from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Last year, I wrote a post Talk That Talk: 5 Tips For Kissable Lips that highlighted some key tips for making sure your lips are soft & kissable through the winter.

This time around, I'm giving you guys a list of my personal favorite lip care products. As my favorite beauty accessory, I treat my lips with care. The same way you maintain your favorite leather bag or fur stole, you should pay special attention to your soup coolers especially in the winter months:

The Tools:

 Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit

The best way to keep your lips in tip-top shape is to exfoliate them and make sure they're treated regularly. I really love the Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit because it has everything you need from a lip cleanser, to an exfoliating treatment, a lip plumper and a moisturizer.

 Lip Balm
This is going to sound weird, but I apply lip balm every morning after getting out of the shower, washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. I keep it right next to my face moisturizer so I don't forget to apply it. This lip balm from Thank God I'm Natural is really great. It has shea butter and other goodness in it that keeps my lips super soft on the daily.

Lip Butter
For those of us who need a little something "extra", especially during the harsh winter months, lip butter works wonders. It's richer and more concentrated than lip balm. This Karen's Body Beautiful Butter Love (Unscented) is actually supposed to be used as a hair butter, but the all-natural ingredients make it perfect for any part of your body really. I use this on my lips on especially cold days, or after a long weekend of statement lip after statement lip. The lip color removal process can be stripping. I smooth some of this on before bed, and in the morning my lips are smooth and soft.

Lip Brush
The lip brush is a staple everyone should have in their makeup kit. Not only does it help immensely with precise lip color application, it can actually help preserve your lip color for longer. Using a brush, less lip color is actually necessary, because it spreads the color around. You'll find that you go through your lipsticks less quickly with use of a brush.

So there you have it! The top 4 products in my arsenal for winter lip care. Stay tuned because later this week I'll be posting about my favorite winter lip shades of the season (the one featured above is part of it!).

How do you keep your lips kissable & soft? Any favorite products?

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  1. The Fabulips package looks amazing!

    I keep my lips moisturised by applying lots of lip balm or gloss and am making it a resolution to exfoliate them twice a week.

    1. Go girl! And yes, the Fabulips package is a nice complete kit and it will last you a long time as well. I've had mine for over a year.