Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drop The Dryer: Bun Styling on Natural Hair

This week's Drop The Dryer hairstyle is all about the high bun. Nikita of My 12 Month Natural Hair Challenge shows us how she remixes the traditional high bun with a chic twist. Check it out:

Who loves Pinterest?! ::raises hand enthusiastically:: It's a hub of ideas and I saw this hair style on there and thought it was a great protective style as well as a cute one.

1. Pin up the hair at the front of your head (I parted it right behind my ears)

2. French braid your hair starting from the back going upwards until you reach the part (yes, you might have to bend over to do it. I did lol). I finished the plat/braid just to make sure the whole braid wouldn't unravel.

3. Brush up the hair you had pinned in the front and along with the extended braid from your French braid and wrap a ponytail holder around it. Pull-out/unbraid the extended braid.

4. Separate a piece of the ponytail that's now on top your head (it's going to get wrapped around the bun for a finished look). Take the rest of the hair and form a bun anyway that you would like (I just pulled the hair up and back and pinned it).

5. Wrap the piece of hair you left out around the entire bun and pin it securely.

Viola! Bun Remix!

Have an awesome heat-free hairstyle to share? Send us pics and a description at DropTheDryer@gmail.com and we'll feature YOU!

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  1. Very Cute, when i get some length, this is all i'm wearing.

  2. This hair style looks really cool. Am looking forward to try out myself. Keep sharing more.
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