Thursday, June 14, 2012

News: Angela Simmons BIKINI with Indique Hair

This summer is already gearing up to be a hot one and on June 21st, the fun and fabness of summer will be officially here. Time to whip out the Bikini! And no, no need to get your tanning oil ready. Leader in virgin hair extensions, Indique Hair, is releasing their first celebrity collaboration ever, with young entrepreneur, reality star and fashion designer Angela Simmons. Together they've collaborated on a new line of summer-inspired extensions named BIKINI.

"Bikini exudes a beautiful, beachy texture, look and feel, providing instant volume without having to use a hot tool." For you ladies who are into a chic weave or two, the hair will cost you $210-$305 per 4oz tube. Good news is, the price tag comes with more than just hair. A portion of the proceeds from each tube will be donated to CancerCare, a national organization that provides free professional help to people with all types of cancers. Hair in the wind, curly or straight, and a good deed all in the mix. Finally, a "Bikini" all women can wear with confidence.
- Makisha Timothy

Thoughts? Would you rock BIKINI extensions?

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  1. i can't even think of doing anything other than braids int he summer. It's too hot. :/

  2. ohhhhhhhh Im def about to weave up for the summer and may have to look into this BUT 205-300 for only 4oz of hair seems a tad pricy. Isnt it 8oz everywhere else for about that price?

    Angela Simmons is looking great in the ads though!


  3. EXECUTEES is the EXCLUSIVE Creator of the Angela Simmons/Indique Hair SIGNATURE Custom Tube Tops in Swarovski Crystals