Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LBS Feature: The New York Times

I'm elated! I've been quoted by The New York Times within an article about the natural hair community. The lovely Jessica Andrews of Glamazons Blog contributed a beauty piece to the New York Times around the idea of natural-haired women and whether the obsession with "stretched" curls is the newest definition of "good hair". Remember when I did a post about the idea of a"curlism"? It's an interesting debate. [CONTINUE]

Myself and a few other amazing bloggers like Patrice of Afrobella, Nikki of CurlyNikki and Nicole M. Melton of Essence.com shed some light on our experiences with this phenomenon.

Please show your support and Check Out the Full Article: "How Natural is Too Natural?" over at NY Times.When you're done reading, come back over and discuss. 

Do you think natural women are obsessed with achieving the "perfect curl"?
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  1. I can't wait to read it, and i can only hope that people aren't wild in their comments.

  2. I don't feel it's my place to comment on the "Do you think natural women are obsessed with achieving the "perfect curl"?" question because I'm Caucasian, but I will say that I, even as a white girl, am not always happy with my natural hair. I've been natural all my life having straight hair, but I've always wanted big crazy curls so I'm getting a weave. It's just a matter of time to save up the $$$.

  3. congrats! thats awesome! the article is great and i've had many experiences with trying to achieve the "perfect curl". Ive since let it go and learned to embrace my puff and its many textures. i will say that i somewhat feel it may have to do with the whole obsession or idea of "good hair". when i did the extra work to get that perfect curl i got alot of comments on how i had "good hair" vs when i didnt have that look.

  4. I can't wait until we as Black Women get to the point of being truly natural. We obsess...OBSESS over the silliest things when it comes to hair. Sides need to be slicked down, some baby hair needs to be laid out, curls need definition and shine... and regular hair is considered a mess. WHY? So many times I've had my sister tell me that my hair looks a mess when all I've done was moisturize and keep it moving. I think it's lovely. Or times when I've had my hair in a bun without any regards to edges or baby hair. Why should I? My hair is how it is, does what it does and as long as it's not falling out (and even then, really) its beautiful. GREAT post, and congratulations on being quoted in NYT! What an accomplishment, you make me proud.

  5. I remember watching a you tube video of naturals. it seems like to be natural meant to define a curl. but you can't define what is not already there to begin with. I watched this one video where this lady had just washed and conditioned her hair. then she proceeded to pile globs of eco styler gel into sections of her hair. by the time she was finished it just looked like a slicked down mess. and after it had dried, her hair was somewhat wavy but because she had all that get in it. people on their was telling her how good her hair looked and all I saw was a crunchy gelled mess. but because she had "defined" a curl it was okay. I couldn't understand for the life of me how could she clean her hair just to glob it back up to achieve a curl pattern. to compare her video to others that had noticeable curls without product was somewhat interesting. it's one thing to find new style preparation for being a natural. but at times I feel like being a natural for some was all about achieving curl definition. not about really just having natural hair. some of those vids have people doing so much to their hair to achieve this. it just seems like another form of "good" hair "bad" hair playing itself all over again.