Monday, June 25, 2012

Sick Site Spotlight: Hello La Mode

So I've just recently been out onto to a new luxury resale shopping site called HelloLaMode.com. As many resale shops as there are online including megasites like Ebay.com and smaller online consigment shops, I've never been one to purchase luxury products on them. There's something scary and overwhelming about shopping for designer items from untrusted sources and shady characters. I've always had these weird fears of one day paying upwards of $1000 for a Chanel bag on of those sites and then receiving a box full of glitter in the mail with a card that reads "Haha! Got you!" instead. Anyone else have that dream? No? Just me? [CONTINUE]

Anyway, enter Hello La Mode!
For the wary shopper like myself, Hello La Mode provides an online resale experience that's certified by trusted buyers in-house. Before your money is sent to the buyer, they make sure products are only sent to the buyer after checked for quality. Smart right? Here three reasons you should get into it:

3 Reasons To Shop & Sell on HelloLaMode.com:

1. Quality Assurance: So if you've had those "online scam and sham" fears like myself, you'll appreciate a site like HelloLaMode. They have certified buyers in-house that assess each piece for quality and also guarantee that you're getting exactly what you pay for. Your funds aren't issued to the seller until they check everything carefully and ship!

2. Amazing Designer Products: Louboutin. Prada. Chanel. Enough said.

3. Easy to Closet Clean: Anything that makes my life easier is a win in my book. With Hello La Mode, you simply upload photos of your product, choose the department, category and item description, and you're ready to go. 1-2-3 and done.

Interested? Well, you'll be the first crop of folks to check it out! HelloLaMode.com is still in beta so use my Special Insider Code: "MILAN" to login and start selling or shopping

This post is sponsored by HelloLaMode.com. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of the company.

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