Thursday, June 28, 2012

Road to BET Awards: Day 2

It's Day 2 and my head is already spinning! Today I'm solidifying a few details for my weekend in LA. I still need to find the perfect red carpet look and I'm all about having multiple options. Take a peek at what I got into yesterday:

The Shoes

So if you follow me on Instagram (I'm @LoveBrownSugar), you might have seen me shoe shopping last night. I needed to grab a few options quickly so I went over to ALDO and started browsing for killer yet comfortable styles.

By popular demand (and by my own), I went with these ALDO Bloise shoes on the top right. They were on sale too! (here's a similar style online for $67). I figured since they're neutral they would be perfect because I still don't have a dress picked out. AND they were comfy! Win/win. I may be shelling out for another pair if one strikes my fancy before i head to LA but we'll see.

The Makeup Look

So I'm heading to the Lisi Cosmetics store in downtown Manhattan for a makeup consultation today. I've narrowed it down to three main makeup looks. Give me your honest opinion on these:

I could either go with June Ambrose's smoky eyes, The heavy color eyelids and red lip or a more neutral/understated look like Jennifer Hudson's. What do you think?

The Dress

So I ordered the above options from ASOS.com yesterday and got them express shipped. I may not be going with either of these dresses for any part of the weekend, but I figured better safe than sorry.

I'm also headed to plus size designer Monif C's showroom to try on a few cool pieces. I'm gagging over this neon dress:

So perhaps I'll end up rocking that one? Still in limbo. In the mean time, weigh in! 

Tell me your preference for my makeup and dress in the comments section! 

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  1. I think you do the understated look quite often and it looks fabulous on you, but I would love to see you work a dramatic, colored eye and lip look. I think you would rock it!

  2. Especially with the black or black and white dress.

  3. i say , the understated neutral llok is best , since you are planning on such bold colors in both your wardrobe , accesories and nails . Let you face do it's own work . Just be pretty 'you'!

  4. I like Jennifer Hudson's make up look the best!

    Amberly D'Anna

  5. I definitely think the neutral/understated makeup with that bright pop of orange from Monif C would be hot!

  6. J hud's make up looks the best, and Monif C has this really gorg wrap dress that i saw on another blog. it was serious bodycon. I also like the 3rd dress in the collage too.

  7. oh while you are packing, pretty please do not forget to save room for me, as I will be going in your suitcase and accompanying you to LA :) lol


  8. How exciting! The June Ambrose look mos def. with lighter silver on the lid. Loving ASOS dress No. 3 and No. 4. The neon dress is glam, but doesn't play up your assests as much (smile). I can't wait to see what looks you pick. You are gonna look FIERCE no matter what.

  9. The monifc dress and the shoes you picked will work well together! The JHud makeup look will also go with the outfit!

  10. Oh my what an amazing opportunity. Congrats! As for the makeup look I love June's look. It would look great with a nude lip. Love the shoe selection. And the lastly the neon dress is it. Can't wait to see the final look.


  11. neon dress and either June or Jen - good luck!