Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Drop The Dryer: Curlformers

Alright folks! Nikita of My 12 Month Natural Hair Challenge is back with another installment. Check out how she made use of Curlformers to style her locks...

Want curls, but don't want to us heat? Curlformers are the answer. I had never heard of them before watching Naptural85's video, but they seemed to really work for her so I started doing some research. I found them for a good price and decided to give them a try.

I purchased a bag of the long and wides which came with 40 Curlformers and 2 hooks and ended up using all 40 curlformers after I washed and moisturized my hair, and separated it into 6 sections using plastic duck clips (I find that the plastic ones are much kinder to my hair than the metal ones).

 I kept a spray bottle full of water with me to make sure that my hair was damp before going into the curlformer. I also combed my hair out with a tail comb before it went into the curlformer.

I had already detangled when I conditioned my hair, but I wanted my hair to be as smooth and detangled as possible going into the curlformer. Sleeping on these things was not at all pleasant. I suggest you sleep on the fluffiest of pillows when you do this lol.

Here are the results!

Give them a try and let us know how it goes! Have a cool heat-free style to share? Send us your picture and description at dropthedryer@gmail.com!
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  1. I love the results. I've been thinking of trying curlformers.


  2. Wow- what a great product. I have to give Curlformers a try.

  3. wow @ those results. i've been thinking of getting flexirods for my hair, but maybe i'll try these instead.