Monday, July 23, 2012

Best Dressed Countdown: 2012 Teen Choice Awards

So I normally don't cover the Teen Choice Awards red carpet, but I happened to stumble upon some of the pics tonight and I said to myself "Self, let's recap - shall we?" We shall.

Celebs like Selena Gomez and Kat Graham showed up in flirty frocks, while others showed up in....well, you'll see. Here are my Top 8 Best & Worst, from the cute & chic to the WTF...

8. Best: Selena Gomez

Selena looked absolutely stunning in a DSquared2 frock and Herve Leger heels. The pink looked super cute and surprisingly not too overpowering for the pink carpet. You know I love a neon pink moment. She did it for me.

7. Worst: Jordin Sparks

I love me some Jordin Sparks, I really do. But she looks like she's headed to her 8th grade Junior Prom in a homemade dress. The hemline is too short & unflattering. And the sequins up top appear undone. Sigh...Jordin's body is AMAZE these days but she is not giving us all she's got in this look.

6. Best: Lucy Hale

Give me a great structured silhouette in a pop of color any day and I'm down! I adore this Wes Gordon frock on Lucy. And the accessories are absolutely perfect!

5. Worst: Taylor Swift

Okay, okay. So Taylor Swift in actuality doesn't look that bad in this Maria Lucia Hohan dress. She looks awesome actually. The reason I'm giving her a "worst" tag is because we ALWAYS see her in these wispy, ethereal, white dresses. I'm so over it! I just want to see Taylor in one red carpet look that's not Is it just me?

4. Best: Lea Michelle

Now here's a red carpet stunner who switches it up every time. I love that I never know what to expect with Lea Michelle. She looks great in this Versace dress and matching heels. Kind of wish she would've slapped on a red lip, but other than that she looks great!

3. Worst: Hayden Panettiere

Ok so Lea Michelle pulled of the monochromatic look pretty well, pairing a matching dress & heel look together. Hayden tried to execute the same but it just turned out looking like overkill to me. Too much sparkle, too much purple.

2. Best: Kat Graham

I may be biased because I'm obsessed with Mara Hoffman, but Kat Graham SLAYED in this Mara Hoffman dress. I'm gagging. From the dress to the hair to the accessories, this look is everything! Am I right?

1. Worst: Will I Am

Jesus be a fence. Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Anyone? *Crickets* ok...

Thoughts? Praise? Shade? Soundoff!
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  1. I love your "best" picks! I agree, I love me some Jordin too but this dress didn't quite fit or work especially the top part. And I literally LOL'd at your Will I Am caption!

    Amberly D'Anna

  2. I actually agree with all of your picks, except Taylor Swift. I think she has found something that works for her and although she should probably switch up the colors or does work for her. I'm kind of shocked at Jordin Sparks. Overall, I definitely think Lucy Hale was best dressed.

  3. "jesus be a fence".... LOLOLOLOL

  4. will i am outfit was unique because he steps out the box. Lea micheal dress is outdated and her hair looks a bit stringy.