Monday, July 23, 2012

Kickin' It: Global Fusion Festival - Brandy, Elle Varner & More

LoveBrownSugar's newest assistant & contributor Makisha Timothy caught up with the stars this past weekend. Check out what she got into:

Festivals are a summer mainstay and this past Saturday, Philadelphia hosted it’s 6th Annual Global Fusion Festival at the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing. The festival brought out a diverse crowd both young and old. Headliner Brandy definitely had the biggest crowd with fans who were simply happy to see her back. With the exception of the very handsome and ageless Kenny Lattimore, who was there for the “ole heads” that probably got married to his music, newcomers such as Kendrick Lamar, Elle Varner and Luke James took the stage and showed and proved why they are up next.

Kendrick Lamar went first, drawing the younger crowd of hip-hop lovers. I must admit, he’s not the biggest guy in his crew, but his fans know exactly who he is. The screams from his female fans were deafening.
It is safe to say that when the host signaled Luke James to hit the stage, the fellas made sure they paid attention. The things women were doing to get to Luke were insane.
Kisha & Luke James
Fortunately for the women, during the press conference he gave after his performance, I was able to find out his relationship status and even learn about his perfect girl. Stay tuned for the video, it might be you. 

Elle Varner took me by surprise. She was so comfortable on stage and that voice is better than gold. Her full head of curls is easily a statement on her and during her press conference she shared how she gets her curls right, along with whose accessories she wore and where she got her killer wedges from.
Elle Varner performing
Kenny Lattimore melted the crowd. If you weren’t in love, you wished you were.

Brandy & Kisha
Brandy is back! To close out the show she hit the stage to a chanting crowd, some of whom were in tears, with what seemed to be a new purpose. 

She touched on it throughout the show and like a singer new to the scene, her energy was channeled through her love for her missed friend, Whitney Houston, and need to make her proud. 

She sported the trendy Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers that must have been pure comfort because she worked ALL of the stage.

As for the rest of her outfit, we'll forget about it. During her press conference, she admits to not having very much style and that she depends on her stylists to do the styling work. She even talked about her love for make up and joked about her nose. 

Overall the show set a new standard from what has been given in the past. The performers were diverse, and the show was very well put together. I left a new fan of Elle Varner, I fell in love with Luke and Brandy just sealed the deal giving me my best summer memory, period.

- By Makisha Timothy

Photo Credit:  Darren Burton
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  1. So good to see Brandy doing well! Looking forward to her new album.

    Amberly D'Anna

  2. great photos. Excited to see Brandy back on the scene and I love Elle Varner.

  3. This looked like it would have been so much fun! Like every performer was right on point. I surely missed out!

  4. I love, love, love Brandy! I've been rocking with her since day one but that shirt was just not for her. Glad to see her getting out there and stirring up excitement about the upcoming album!