Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kickin' It: LiSi Cosmetics Digital Launch Party

So back in June as I was prepping for my BET Awards trip, I introduced you guys to a brand new cosmetics store I fell in love with here in NYC. The brand, LiSi Cosmetics, makes the most amazing makeup and beauty products and everything is dirt cheap, like drugstore prices! Y'all know I can't help but share a good bargain when I see one. So in the spirit of sharing,  I agreed to host a digital launch party at their flagship with some of my favorite beauty gurus and bloggers. I had an absolute blast!

First thing, I got my makeup done by one of their awesome consultants. She gave me her "bronze, summer glow" look which I loved.

She prepped my eyes with their primer then added a mix if shimmery golds on my eyes. Then she finished with blush and bronzer.

The MUA's gave out makeup advice and consultations to each of the guests. Above is Deena Campbell of UPTOWN Magazine.

My faves Misha of TheFabChick and Carmen of Liptick.Fashion.Mascara were there.

We played a few fun games like "Find the makeup product". These girls were good!

Lots of product trials. Montrelle's pink pout is too cute!

Obsessed with checking our photos, here I am with Danielle from Hello Beautiful and Kelly from Masque Magazine.

Me and Jessica of Glamazons Blog

Had such a good time with the LiSi team! Check out the video below:

LiSi Cosmetics has just recently launched their first online store so all the lovely products they have at the flagship are readily available to be shipped to you, wherever you are. Just head to LisiCosmetics.com to check them out. And don't forget, I still have a lovely package of goodies to giveaway from Day 1 of my LBS 3 Year Anniversary celebration. Winners will be announced next week!

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