Monday, July 23, 2012

My Insta-Week: 7.23.12

The last few weeks have been quite eventful! So much that I haven't had a chance to post one of these in over two weeks. So here's a super brief rundown of the majority of my July. Still about a week left in this month, let's make it great!

- So I went to Miami the week before last for a much-needed (real) vacation. Though I have been traveling alot lately (from Los Angeles for the BET Awards to New Orleans for Essence Music Festival), I hadn't had a real break to just, well, chill and not work! So I packed up my things and headed down to the shores of South Beach with some friends.

This is me pretending to be rich in my new bathing suit - from the H&M Plus line!
So among beach bumming on South Beach, I partied, ran into both Lil' Scrappy and Stevie J (hello Love & Hip-Hop ATL), pool-hopped and posed for group photos. Best way to spend a weekend getaway.

- I discovered a few old things and few new ones recently. I went home to see my parents and ended up cleaning out an old drawer with souvenirs from my past study-abroad travels. Don't you love those moments? I also discovered my new favorite shoe line Ron Donovan. Sexy stilettos. I nearly fainted. And I did my very first Berry Mango smoothie all by my self. Yep yep, big girl now...

Demetria Lucas (ABelleInBK.com), Jessica Andrews (GlamazonsBlog.com)
- Yesterday I co-hosted an amazing brunch with women of color who work in the social media space. It was so awesome being around such beautiful women who are trying to make change with their social media presence. The lovely Kim Coles (you may know her as Sinclair from Living Single) showed up and ate and talked with us. The lovely folks at Shea Moisture sponsored. I love them and I love her.

How was your week/weekend? Talk to me!

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  1. That shoe is so cute!! Looks like you've been busy but in a good way!

  2. you're so gorgeous, love the pics x

  3. Beautiful! :)

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  4. You look super cute! Love all the pictures!
    I need those shoes in my life...like seriously!
    Love it! :)